With the purpose to “help everyone live a healthy life”, we are dedicated to making more positive impact on vaccine industry, society and environment which is closely related to everyone’s life around the world. 




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Industry Responsibility

Walvax commits to providing higher quality, more accessible and more affordable products and services. Through continuously expanding the product line and developing vaccines available for different age groups as well as leveling up manufacturing capacity, we work to ensure that more people in need can be vaccinated to fulfill better public health. 

Environmental Responsibility

Walvax actively responds to the environmental protection call of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China and strengthens the environmental protection in production and operation with more stringent requirements, to optimize environmental management practices, increase resource utilization rate, and achieve the goal of sustainable environmental improvement.

Social Responsibility

With the mission of "Sowing health for good", Walvax is moving forward on the path of "Developing the best vaccine with profession and dedication, and serving all customers with heart and soul", with a focus on public health and social welfare.