Manufacturing Network

Till date, Walvax has 4 manufacturing centers in Yuxi, Beijing, 

Sichuan and Guangzhou, respectively.

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Industry Leading Manufacturing Capacity

High Quality

Product Quality: 

- We meet international product quality standards like WHO, EU etc. and some standards are higher than EU.


Manufacturing Base: 

- Construction standards benchmark generally-accepted regulatory requirements set by ICH, WHO, EMA, etc.

  • Haemophilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccine, meningococcal vaccines and pneumococcal vaccines become national standards in China.

High Technical Level

Production Technology:
- Highly comparable to European and American MNCs.


Production Line Equipment and Plant Facilities:
- Highly comparable to European and American MNCs; 
- Integration of automation and information technology;
- Transformation from digital to advanced manufacturing and smart manufacturing;
- Industry-leading level of laboratory and technology transfer capacity. 

High Cost-Efficiency

Low Construction Cost: 
- Short construction period and low capital investment.


Low Operating Cost: 
- Cost control model for all processes, low-voltage load of plant facilities, and exploration of a "high-quality, cost-efficient, and sustainable" industrial development model. 


High Output per Unit: 
- High output per capita, high output per dose and high input-output ratio.

International Fill and Finish Center

In order to support Walvax’s internationalization strategy, we have invested more than USD46 million in building an international fill and finish center with 5,200 square meters. There are 4 packaging lines, and each line can produce about 150,000 doses per batch. Meanwhile, 3 packaging lines can meet the need in different sizes, and the annual capacity is about 100 million doses.

In this center, the preparation, filling, lyophilization, visual inspection and packaging of RTF products are completed. At the same time, the center is equipped with integrated information systems such as modern storage management, laboratory information management and environment monitoring, which will ensure that the products meet the domestic and foreign requirements of quality management throughout the whole production cycle.

The international fill and finish center was built to the GMP standards of China,Eu,WHO,PICs and ISPE. It adopted state-of-the-art production equipment and automatic control system, established standardized data center which mainly carries operation systems related to production quality such as integrated warehouse management system (WMS), manufacturing execution system (MES), laboratory information management system (LIMS), etc. Through the data collected from such systems, the information management of the entire process of vaccine production from raw material procurement to production, sales, and distribution are realized, ensuring that production fully meets quality requirements. Upon its completion, the center will be the most advanced intelligent manufacturing center in China.

After the international fill and finish center is qualified by WHO PQ team, Walvax will become a world-class, advanced vaccine production base, participating in international procurement and becoming a supplier of large purchase by international organizations.

46.6 / million

USD46.6 million spent in the international fill and finish center

5,200 / m²

5,200 square meters of land area

150,000 / doses

150,000 doses per day per packing line

100 / million

100 million doses of annual capacity for bacterial vaccines