Walvax has protected hundreds of millions of people from infectious diseases with high-efficacy and low-cost products. We harness cutting-edge technologies and adopt state-of-the-art facilities to fast-forward our pace of R&D.


employees in R&D

1 expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council in China
Core management team consisting of entrepreneurial teams from CNBG and senior vaccine experts from MNCs



74 authorized invention patents at home and abroad
10+ patents application in progress 


R&D platforms

Polysaccharide and conjugate vaccines

Recombinant protein and VLP vaccines
mRNA Vaccines

R&D Platform

Walvax has established advanced platforms for the research and development of polysaccharide and conjugate vaccines, recombinant protein and VLP vaccines, and mRNA vaccines. 


When establishing the technology platforms for mRNA based vaccine and recombinant protein vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, Walvax not only focuses on these SARS-CoV-2 vaccines but also attaches more weights on the technology platforms. Leveraging on these platforms, Walvax can quickly respond to emerging needs and develop targeted vaccines when a new infectious disease breaks out, and then achieve large-scale, low-cost production of such vaccines.


Walvax has been engaged in vaccine research and development for over 20 years, having successfully developed seven licensed vaccine products. On the basis of deep understanding of vaccine supply chain and keen insight into the market, we formulate a demand-oriented strategy that focuses on upgrading products to fill the market gap, as well as to make full use of our R&D resources. We harness cutting-edge technologies and adopt state-of-the-art facilities, and our R&D team has abundant experiences in developing vaccines, which allows us to fast-forward our pace of R&D and address unmet needs for vaccines.


We believe that our expertise which is protecting people as many as possible from infectious diseases with high-efficacy and low-cost products has become more relevant than ever in the challenging time.