Distribution of Walvax’s Products



With a fully connected, end-to-end supply chain and logistics system, Walvax works to ensure safe and effective delivery of quality vaccines from manufacturing centers to customers.

2-8℃ Warehousing
Temperature-controlled Shipping Packaging
Temperature-controlled Transport
Customers Delivery


Controllable and Monitorable 2-8℃ Temperature

1. Storage

  • Precise temperature & humidity control system
  • Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring

2. Shipping Packaging

  • Reliable temperature control
  • Effective and optional shipping container
    • Passive shipping container- insulated shipping carton with ice packs
      • Keep at 2-8℃ at an ambient temperature of 43±1℃ for at least 48 hours
      • Equipped with electronic temperature logger, monitoring the temperature of vaccine during transport
    • Active shipping container
      • Less packaging
      • Real-time temperature monitoring
      • Shipped under controlled condition

3. Shipment

  • Effective cold chain control and monitoring

Traceable and Visible Supply Chain

1. WMS (Warehouse Management System)

  • High inventory visibility

2. Traceability system

  • High regulatory efficiency
  • High traceability and visibility
  • Each vaccine could be tracked and traced from manufacturer to the end-user

Good Delivery Performance

  • OTIF (on time in full)
  • Secure product integrity
  • Rapid response to customer demands
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Well-controlled distribution system with a number of world-class couriers including World Courier and Marken

     Delivered 228+ million doses vaccine to Chinese market over the last 15 years successfully
     Delivered 37+ million doses vaccine to the overseas market over the last 5 years successfully