With rich international experience of our management team, Walvax has demonstrated the industry leading partnership and business development capability.

In 2015, Walvax was awarded a $5 million research grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate its bivalent HPV vaccine development and WHO prequalification process. Anchored on this significant achievement, Walvax kick-started its international expansion with its initial goal to provide affordable HPV vaccine to women and girls living in developing countries. As a result, Walvax cements its close collaborations with global institutions and charitable organizations including WHO, UNICEF, PATH, GAVI, CEPI and DCVMN. 


Over the years, Walvax has been able to form business partnerships and strategic collaborations with leading industry players in China and overseas. Walvax continues seeking collaboration opportunities with partners and offers its vaccine development expertise to bring more innovative products to the vast Chinese market and help partners to maximize the return of their investments in product and technology development.

Walvax hopes to explore cooperation with potential partners in the following areas

Co-develop novel vaccines for neglected and emerging infectious diseases including preclinical development, clinical development and commercialization.

License in or license out of mature vaccine products or innovative technology platforms to expedite commercialization and product launch in domestic and global markets.

Explore equity investment to partner companies for their vaccine projects.


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